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White Holographic Glow in the Dark Glitter and Resin Ear Plugs or Tunnels or Teardrops - Ear Gauges

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We are excited to offer this variation on our best selling white holographic glitter gauges. We've added our highest quality glow powder to the mix! The powder is white during the day, which allows the glitter to shine. At night the glow powder takes over and the gauges sing with an intense aqua tinted light. The glow can last up to ten hours depending on the quality of the charge (direct sunlight works best.)

These gauges can also be ordered as tunnels or teardrops. Please see the last photos for an example. (Note: These photos are sets of black resin tunnels and teardrops. They are meant to simply be examples. If you order tunnels or teardrops they will have the same color as the gauges shown in the photos of this listing.)