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White Holographic Glitter and Resin Double Flared Ear Plugs or Tunnels or Teardrops - Ear Gauges

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That perfect moment when something catches your eye. You know what we're talking about. There's something about it. A sparkle. A twinkle. A... something. Something that stands out. And that's the inspiration behind this creation. White plugs are undeniably bold in and of themselves. But when the light catches the holo material just right, and someone clear across the room takes notice, that's where the magic happens.

These gauges can also be ordered as tunnels or teardrops. Please see the last photos for an example. (Note: These photos are sets of black resin tunnels and teardrops. They are meant to simply be examples. If you order tunnels or teardrops they will have the same color as the gauges shown in the photos of this listing.)