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Neon Rainbow Resin Ring

Neon Rainbow Resin Ring

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You are unique. There is only one of you. You celebrate that fact every day. You are proud that you don't fit into anyone's mold or pre-established ideas. That is the impetus for our neon rainbow resin ring.

This ring, like you, is meant to be unique and not pulled from a predetermined mold. Instead, each ring is cut from a custom casted rainbow resin block of our wildly popular neon colors. Each resin color is mixed by hand right here in our shop, and we cast the block layer by layer. As a result, small variances in the color and the width of each color band will be present from ring to ring. Each ring is a true one-of-a-kind and thus something special. We are not producing cookie cutter rings. We are making pieces of art meant to be as special as the people wearing them.

Note on sizing:

This ring is available in sizes 4 - 16, including half sizes. The width will be around 10mm but will vary slightly as again each ring is cut from a one-of-a-kind casting. 10mm constitutes a wide band. If you are currently wearing a skinny band ring, we recommend going up at least a half size from the size of that skinny ring. Wider bands need to be sized larger than skinny bands or they are too tight on your finger. If you are unsure of your size then we recommend you visit a jeweler or jewelry counter to get sized. They will do it for free. Most jewelers have both skinny sizers and wide sizers. Ask to be sized using the wide sizers if you are sizing for this ring.