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Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Charred Bentwood Ring With With Dual Copper Band Inlay

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We've sold hundreds of our immensely popular Jack Daniels bentwood ring. People love the rustic look. Now we've gone "upscale rustic" by adding dual copper bands around our best selling piece of artistry.

The Ring

The basis of this ring is our revolutionary Jack Daniels bentwood ring. We are the only artists making a bentwood whiskey barrel ring. Using the same bending, charring, and finishing techniques used on the original ring, we add a touch of class by inlaying dual copper bands.

The Wood

The wood for this ring is reclaimed from authentic Jack Daniels whiskey barrels. The distillery uses each barrel for 7 years. Each barrel sees one batch of whiskey and is then retired and made available to artists such are ourselves. A certificate of authenticity is included with each order.

The Charring

We have a special chemical process that we use for our charring. You can read about its superiority in the listing for our original Jack Daniels bentwood ring.