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Arizona Desert Ironwood Solid Wood Ring

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A stunning ring made out of rare Arizona Desert Ironwood. This ring is special to us not only for its beauty but because we craft it from material found right here near our home base in the Sonoran Desert.

Even thought its in our backyard, this ironwood incredibly hard to get. The wood is very rare as it is a protected and controlled species. Permits are needed to harvest it, and even then you are only allowed to get limited quantities each year. The wood itself is incredibly hard (thus the name Ironwood.) It's actually so dense that it won't even float. Trees can be hundreds of years old, but when they finally die they can take over a thousand years to decay!

Please take a look at the last pic. It shows the raw wood. You will see the wide range in colors from yellows to reds to browns. Your ring might contain any combination of these colors. It will all depend on the piece that we work with. Woodworkers love this species for its color patterns. Your ring will truly be a one of a kind item!