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Art and Soule

The Art and Soule YouTube channel is the place for glimpses of our production process as well as information and advice on our products.

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The Abstract Soule

Art should be fun, so on The Abstract Soule YouTube channel we make fun art. Watch as we bring our paintings to life.

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The Soule of Wisdom

We're not shy about what we think. But unlike so many, we're not interested in simply being loyal to the right or left. While we are best labeled as conservative in our views, things are never that simple. On The Soule of Wisdom we seek just that - wisdom - as we explore topics related to current events, politics, and business.

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The Brick Historic

We have love of history, not only for its stories, but more importantly because it informs our culture and our future. We also adore Legos! So on The Brick Historic we have fun building Legos as we explore the real-world history that inspired the sets we build. This channel is meant to be fun, educational, and culture building for all ages.

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