Understand Your Hands - Our Guide to Choosing the Proper Ring Size

How well do you know your hands?


One of the biggest questions we get from our customers is how to choose the best ring size. A lot of people believe it's as simple as a number, but there's really more to it than that. So, let's talk about hands...

First, do this:

Hold your hand out straight with your palm up. Now, curl up your ring finger. See how the finger puffs up a little where the ring would be? This happens hundreds of times a day just in the normal use of your hands, and we are more active with our hands than ever. Just think about how many times you use your smartphone during the day!

The truth about your fingers:

You just learned through the finger curl demonstration that your fingers are constantly changing. First, despite what most people think, they aren't perfectly round to start with. On top of that, we flex them... constantly. Oh, and your hands swell and shrink from simple things like the amount of salt in your diet to small changes in the weather. So, the truth about your fingers is they continually change.

What this means:

Like we said before, sizing isn't as simple as a number. A lot of people, when they get their fingers sized, will simply pick the size that fits snug (but not tight) and call it a day. That's the wrong approach. We always recommend when you pick a size that you leave a little room. Your ring should actually be just a little bit on the loose side. This will allow for greater comfort. It will leave room if your fingers swell a little, which they all do at times. It will also help your ring last longer. Each time your finger puffs up from flexing it pushed out on the ring, causing stress. That stress over time has the potential to break a ring.


If you don't know your ring size, head to your local jewelry counter and get sized. They will all gladly help you for free. But when you are there, remember that your hands are in a constant state of change. Be sure to choose a size that leaves room for that change!