Rules That Govern Our Shop

At Art and Soule we have rules that we live by. They are the core of our business, and we keep them posted on the wall in our shop. We don't hide them from anyone, including you. So here they are...

Rules That Govern Our Shop:
1) Nothing shall leave our shop unless we are proud of it.
2) We shall make a reasonable profit in order to sustain our business.
3) All interactions with customers shall be courteous and respectful.
4) All customer concerns shall be addressed promptly.
5) All reasonable efforts shall be made to ensure customer satisfaction.
6) Customers shall be kept up to date on the progress of their order.
7) Any item needing replacement shall move to the front of the production line.
8) Only quality materials shall be used in the production of any items.
9) The offerings of the shop shall always evolve and grow.
10) Improvement in our craft shall always be sought.