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Japanese Style Knife Stand

We crafted our very first knife stand as a special request. Our daughter was working the sushi bar at a local restaurant, and the executive chef there wanted us to make one for him to give as a gift to the sushi team.

We posted a pic of that first stand on our Instagram page, and from there things just took off! Now we've made hundreds of them and sent them to all corners of the Earth.

Easily Customized To Your Needs

Of all our creations, this is the one we customize the most. The standard knife stand is what you see pictured above. It stands approximately 19 inches and holds four knives. But along the way we've made them taller, shorter, skinnier, wider, whatever people have needed! We even made a stand designed to hold almost 40 knives! With that flexibility and almost two dozen wood choices, we can make a stand to fit just about anyone's needs.

Available Exclusively In Our Etsy Store

Our Japanese Knife Stand makes it's home in our Etsy store. Head over there now and check it out!

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