Jack Daniels Bentwood - The Better Whiskey Barrel Ring

People Asked For A Better, Stronger Whiskey Barrel Ring That Was Still Affordable. We Answered The Call

Whiskey barrel rings are extremely popular these days. Not only are they lovely, but there is a story behind them. You get to tell people that your ring was made from wood that was used to age whiskey!

The Challenge

The trick has always been strength. Most artists make their whiskey barrel rings by carving them out of a solid block of wood (for the record we offer those too.) They are attractive rings, and the price generally makes them affordable for everyone. The downside to the solid wood rings is they can easily break. The solid wood process exposes weaker end grain. If you're active with your hands (and who isn't) or if the ring is too tight you risk breaking it. You need to be really careful with a solid wood ring. Many artists have tried to solve the issue by incorporating expensive materials, such as titanium or carbon fiber. The resulting rings are admittedly nice, but they are expensive. Most people aren't interested in paying hundreds of dollars to say only part of their ring was once a whiskey barrel.

Our Solution

We created a bentwood ring with reclaimed Jack Daniels whiskey barrel wood. Bentwood rings are made using layers of wood that are only 1/48 of an inch thick. The layers, when adhered to each other, create an almost composite material that ends up being stronger than the original wood. You need to be on a mission to break a bentwood ring! With a Jack Daniels whiskey barrel bentwood ring you get the beauty of the barrel oak wood, the story behind that wood, and the peace of mind that your ring was made to last. 

Your Next Step

You've found the right ring. This whiskey barrel ring is made completely from reclaimed barrel wood, and more importantly it's made to last. Hit the buy button below are we'll make one special for you. Use code BetterRing and get an extra 15% off.


An affordable ring at a great price. Your search is over. Time to buy!

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