How We Make Bentwood Rings

Steaming wood for a bentwood ring Bending wood around a form for a bentwood ring
A bentwood ring right after bending is complete An example of a finished bentwood ring


How do we make a straight piece of wood become a circle? We do this...

To make a bentwood ring we start with very thin sheets of wood. We first steam the wood to make it pliable. Then we bend it around a spacer that matches your ring size, forming a perfect circle and perfect fit. Each layer is carefully glued to the previous one, forming an almost composite material that ends up being very light and strong.

After the layering is complete we start shaping and finishing your ring. We work through the progression of sandpaper, all the way to 2000 grit, shaping the ring as we go. Once this is complete we apply no less than six layers of a protective finish. Finally, we buff the ring several times to achieve the best shine and smoothest finish possible.