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You Won't Find Our Glow Materials At The Craft Store

There are all sorts of glow powders that you can get from the craft store. Those simply wouldn't do for us. We spent a year working with suppliers to find powders that glow brighter and longer than anything else. Plus, glow strength lasts for years!


  • Brightest Glow
  • Longest Glow Times
  • Recharge Over And Over

Glow In The Dark Gauges

Dear Floppy...
How Do I Measure A Teardrop Plug?

Learn How


Safe For Body Wear

The vast majority of people will experience comfortable wear


Make Sure You're Healed

Resin gauges are not meant to be used for stretching


Super Easy

Clean with a mild soap. Buff with a microfiber and a non-abrasive polishing compound

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