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Passion And Talent Are Only The Beginning

Many people are immensely talented and they're passionate about it. But the truth is talent and passion are the beginning of success, not the end. To thrive (and not just survive) you must have a certain level of business acumen. As much as you are a student or teacher of your talent, you must also become a student (and eventually a teacher) of the finer points of running a business.

Learning The Finer Points Of Business Is More Fun Than You Think

Sometimes people fear the inner workings of a real business. They think it's all very intimidating, and as a result they fail. But the truth is it's not that hard to get up to speed if you have the right teacher. In fact, when you understand things and it all runs smoothly it's incredibly fun and satisfying!


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Educare University

Etsy Master Class

Our signature course on how to run a proper and profitable Etsy shop. We first started offering our art on Etsy and it remains a key component to our success. It's the best place to start the journey of selling your art to others, assuming you know how to properly use the tool. This course features close to 100 lectures all designed to allow you to fast-track your Etsy success by learning from the successes (and failures) we've had during our time on Etsy.

Educare University

Partnering With Your Partner

Are you looking to start a business with your significant other? Are you already working with that person but finding there are bumps in the road? A large key to our success has been our ability to work together. If there aren't plans and certain understandings going in then you risk putting great strain on the relationship. In this course we disclose our secrets to being able to work together and maintaining a happy and enjoyable marriage.

This course is in the final stages of production and will be available soon.

Educare University

Coming Soon - The Secrets To Our Art

Want to do exactly what we do? Courses are in production now that will lay out the processes we use in the creation of our jewelry and other items (minus a few closely guarded secrets!) We'll be walking you through the production steps and processes that we use to create items that have been loved by tens of thousands of loyal customers.