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Floppy addresses questions about our rings, earrings, ear plugs, sayas, and anything else we craft in our shop. She's your go-to for advice on sizing, picking the right wood or resin for your needs, or anything else order related. Floppy's here to help!

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How to Care for Your Wood Ring: A Complete Guide

Wood rings are a beautiful and unique choice for jewelry, but they do require a bit of extra care to maintain their natural beauty. By following the tips outlined in this post, you can ensure that your wood ring stays in great condition and continues to be a cherished piece of jewelry for years to come.

The Art of the Saya: A Look at the History and Craft of Japanese Knife Sheaths

Learn about the history and craftsmanship behind Japanese knife sheaths, known as sayas. Art and Soule offers custom sayas in many wood choices for chefs and home cooks.

The History and Tradition of Japanese Knife Stands: More Than Just Storage.

Floppy, Art and Soule's Answer Rabbit, talks about the history and tradition of knife stands and the importance of supporting independent artists and makers. She highlights the beauty and practicality of handmade knife stands made from carefully selected wood, and encourages readers to invest in unique pieces that reflect art and soul.

Print on Demand Apparel: The Future of Fashion.

Discover how print-on-demand apparel is changing the fashion industry. Learn how it reduces waste, fosters collaboration, and empowers artists like Art and Soule.

Hoppin' for Earth Day: Celebrating Mother Nature

Join Art and Soule's Answer Rabbit Floppy as she celebrates Earth Day from a rabbit's perspective. Learn why keeping the planet healthy is crucial for her furry friends and how you can help.

The Importance of Supporting Independent Artists and Makers

Floppy, the jewelry-loving rabbit, discusses the importance of supporting independent artists and makers. By doing so, you're not only getting beautiful pieces, but also supporting a world where creativity thrives.

From Jewelry to Apparel: Introducing Our Retro T-Shirt Dresses

In this blog post, Floppy introduces Art and Soule's new line of t-shirt dresses inspired by retro themes from the 1960s-1990s. She talks about how jewelry and apparel complement each other in fashion, and shares her love for the four decades from which the dresses draw inspiration.