About Us

Hi! We are Dan and Beth, the brains, the brawn, and the creativity behind Art and Soule. We have been crafting our whole lives and selling online for over a decade. We are highly experienced in both customer service and in providing quality products and great prices.

Our business is entirely family-run and fully supports us. We take care of our aging parents, and as such we must always be home. Our online operations allow us to keep the lights on while always being here for them. Since we are always home, it also allows us to home school our young son, who is actually doing entire school years in only four months. What does all this mean to you? It means we take what we do seriously, because we have many family members who count on this income.

We promise to do our part by delivering the best products we can make at a great price and in a timely manner. We appreciate you for supporting our family.

Thank you from both of us...

Dan and Beth