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Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Solid Wood Ring

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You know what we find most interesting about adult beverages? The personal history that goes with them. Think back to the drinks you’ve enjoyed in your life and you’ll realize that there’s almost always a story attached to that drink. Most are good times, like celebrating your team winning or the raise you just got at work. Some libations were consumed during exceptional times, such as that heartfelt toast that was given on your wedding night. And if we’re being truthful, every now and then the bartender’s potion was consumed in the hopes of forgetting a less than perfect day. But there was a story, almost without exception. Didn’t realize that did you?

The legend – that’s what makes this ring so special. Each batch of Old No.7 that Lynchburg Tennessee contributes to the world ages for seven years in an oak barrel. We’ve visited the Jack Daniels facility and seen the endless rows of these vessels, all doing time for the betterment of the product. Slowly, week after week, month after month, and year after year, the oak contributes its share to the liquor’s final color and taste. Each cask only sees one batch, and when its work is done, it’s retired.

We’re able to obtain some of these barrels from Jack Daniels, and we honor the saga of the wood through our work. When we first cut into a stave to make a ring, it perfumes the shop with a faint smell of the whiskey, reminding us of its former vocation. We then shape the wood into something new. We give it new life and a new meaning while allowing it to keep its memoir for others to share. For you to share.

You gaze down upon your drink as you raise the glass, see the ring on your hand, and realize the tale of the timber on your finger as you chronicle your day to those sitting around you. See… It’s all about the story.