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What's the Deal Behind Spectraply?

Spectraply jewlery is among our store's most popular selections. Customers often ask us about the product. How is Spectraply made? How do we work with it to create our jewelry? Well, here's the scoop...

What is Spectraply and how is it made?

Spectraply is a manufactured product. In fact, it's one of the very few pre-made materials that we choose to work with, but we really think highly of it. The makers of this fine product dye thin layers of birch wood. Once the layers are dyed they are pressed together and joined with adhesive, similar to how plywood is made. This results in exquisite blocks of color.

What do we do with Spectraply that's so special?

We are proud to use Spectraply to craft both rings and earrings. We are the only artists that we can find that are using it to craft earrings. A few other artists choose to make solid wood rings out of it, and we offer them too. In short, they are made from essentially carving the rings out of the blocks.

Where we take it a step further is with our Spectraply bentwood rings. We've developed the skills to take these blocks and cut them down into sheets that are only 1/48 on an inch thick. We then use the resulting product to make a bentwood ring, just like our other bentwood rings. You can read about the bentwood process, but the bottom line is it makes for the strongest wooden rings possible. Spectraply is birch, and birch is a relatively soft wood. We take that soft wood and turn it into a strong ring suitable for daily wear.

We take our hats off to the makers of Spectraply. They make a really fine product. We're proud to be able to work with it in a way that no one else does.

Curious what a Spectraply ring looks like? Check out our Spectraply Collection.

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