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Family First: Our Dads - The Real Reason Art and Soule Exists

Doing the right thing is a core principle of everything we do, whether it be in our business lives or our personal lives. Circumstances have demanded that we do the right thing with our dads. Both are in need of around the clock care, which we provide. Art and Soule simultaneously pays our bills and keeps us in our home to care for them.

Since we just celebrated Father's Day, we wanted to take a moment and introduce you to our fathers...

Meet Dan Soule Sr.

Dan Soule Sr

Dan Sr. is an inspiration to most who meet him. Tough as nails, he is a man who never, ever gives up. When he was in elementary school he was hit by a car while riding his bike. The driver admitted to doing over 80 miles per hour (back when cars were built like tanks.) Dan spent a year recovering from that accident, and the top of his head looks like a roadmap from the scars. Dan spent his life as a meat cutter - brutal work done in freezing temperatures. Along the way he has had six heart attacks, a stroke, severe spine damage from his work, and over 20 surgeries. Currently, Dan battles advanced COPD, a lung condition that interferes with proper breathing. Despite all his physical struggles, Dan refuses to give up. While others in his position would accept a wheelchair, he chooses to use a walker to get himself wherever he needs to go. We credit Dan Sr. with teaching us to have a strong work ethic and to always push forward no matter what life throws at you.

Meet Ed Gasiorowski

Ed Gasiorowski

Beth's father, Ed, served on the USS Saratoga during Vietnam. To this day he is proud that he was able to serve his country, and any mention of his time on the Saratoga will bring tears to his eyes. Ed has spent his life in service to others, doing jobs from furniture repair to being a custodian at a Catholic elementary school in his home town of Toledo. During his career Ed was crushed between a building and a delivery truck, causing severe back injuries that still bring him pain to this day. Ed joined our home a year ago after a suffering a massive stroke. Initially the stroke left him paralyzed on his right side. Through hard work he has regained use of that side, allowing him to walk and do basic activities. The larger hurdle for Ed, however, is verbal. The damage from the stroke left him with Aphasia, a condition that leaves him unable to properly verbalize his thoughts. While everything is still "all there" inside, Ed's vocabulary has been reduced to about six words. This is a permanent condition for which there is no cure. To his credit, Ed rarely stresses over his situation. If he can't get his point across, he will most often simply laugh, tap his forehead with his palm, and try again later. We credit Ed with teaching us to roll with things and with reminding us to laugh a little, even in the face of struggles.

From the two of us, our sincere thanks!

Your support of our business allows us to provide the care that these two amazing fathers need every day. Your purchases, referrals, and words of encouragement mean more to us and our family than you know.


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