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Customer Questions: How To Properly Measure Teardrop Gauges

We recently added a teardrop option to our line of resin gauges. During testing, some of our testers asked us how to measure the teardrops for the right gauge size. They look so different that they wondered how they knew they had the right size for their ears. They frankly also wondered how we knew. So, here's how you measure teardrops...
Raid your junk drawer (every good home has one) and find some string. Tightly wrap the string around the innermost surface of the teardrop and mark off where they meet. Now, use a millimeter ruler and measure that distance. Take that measurement and divide it by pi (3.14.) That's your gauge size. For example, a measurement of 63mm on the string would be about a 20mm gauge.
Numbers are never exact, and it's important to remember that. There are always slight differences in any set of gauges that happen through the normal course of production. But, using this method, you can tell with the highest degree of accuracy what size teardrops you have :)

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