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Family First: Our Dads - The Real Reason Art and Soule Exists

Doing the right thing is a core principle of everything we do, whether it be in our business lives or our personal lives. Circumstances have demanded that we do the right thing with our dads. Both are in need of around the clock care, which we provide. Art and Soule simultaneously pays our bills and keeps us in our home to care for them.Since we just celebrated Father's Day, we wanted to take a moment and introduce you to our fathers... Meet Dan Soule Sr. Dan Sr. is an inspiration to most who meet him. Tough as nails, he is a man who never, ever gives up. When he was in elementary school he was hit by a car while...

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Ring Sizing: There’s An App For That, But Should You Use It?

Knowing (or accurately determining) your ring size is a key part of ordering a ring online. While we take care of our customers with a one-time exchange if they order the wrong size, it still makes for a disappointing shopping experience. Think about it. You get your new ring in the mail. You open it up, all excited to wear it. You put it on, and you find that it’s too big or too small. You bought from us, so we’ll take care of you. But the wait continues... Recently we’ve had a few of our customers use an app to figure out their ring size. Each time they have ended up ordering the wrong size. We decided it would...

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Custom Projects: The Great Big Knife Stand

Custom work is a core part of our business. During certain times of the year it’s easily a third of our orders. We enjoy custom work because, well, it’s custom! One of a kind stuff is cool, and often it serves to challenge our imagination and design skills. A recent knife stand project certainly did just that. Tony in Baltimore contacted us in January. He sent us a photo of a huge collection of Shun knives and asked us if we could make a stand for them. He said he hated that his beautiful knives were stuck in a block where you couldn’t see them. He had a point. It’s a beautiful (and expensive) collection of knives. So… we went...

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Ring Craft: The Value of Using Everything

Before we even started Art and Soule, we took the time to create a solid business plan to define what we wanted to do and what we would be. Among other things, we created 10 rules that govern our shop. Rule #2 is to be profitable. Profitability for our business is important to our customers. Why? If we don't turn a profit then we can't do this, which means we won't be here to serve you. Good news... we always turn a profit :) Part of running a smart business is to reduce waste. It has a positive impact on the bottom line and is also environmentally friendly. Much like a good chef will try to use all the animal...

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