Dear Floppy... Should I Get A Bentwood Ring Or A Solid Wood Ring?

Which to choose??


 Vanessa from Charlotte wrote me last night and asked this very question. I had very specific advice for her based on her needs, but I thought it would be a good idea to break it down a little for the rest of you.

Before I get into it, I want you to do something that I - as a rabbit - cannot do. Hold your hand out, palm up. Now, curl up your ring finger. See how it bulges up where a ring would be? Keep that in mind and read on...

The biggest question you to be ask yourself with regards to this choice it will you wear the ring all the time? If the answer is yes then get a bentwood. Period. Remember that silly human trick I just had you do with your hand? That bulging puts outward pressure on any ring you wear. That pressure can stress a ring. Bentwood rings are made in such a way as to withstand that pressure better than a solid wood ring. So, a bentwood is the best bet for a wood ring that's gonna get a lot of use.

So now you will ask the question, "Why do your Mommy and Daddy sell solid wood rings as well then?" They sell them for two reasons. First, they are a great value. Solid wood rings are easier for my humans to make, so they cost a little less. Second, they are a completely valid choice for occasional wear. Looking for something to compliment a specific outfit for example? Then a solid wood ring is a great way to go.

I know that some people will say, "Well, solid wood rings are cheaper. I'm on a budget. So I'll just the the solid wood ring and it'll be fine." Look, I get it. As a bunny my money can be tight too. I'm very picky with my fresh greens, so when I shop for dinner my money vanishes quickly. And sometimes I just eat the dollar bills cuz I'm a rabbit and it's what I do! But, I can tell you that the difference in price between a bentwood ring and a solid wood ring isn't that huge. It can usually be overcome by simply skipping that morning coffee stop for a few days and banking the money.

One last thought... I've heard my humans tell people that no matter what ring you get, how long it lasts will ultimately come down to how well you're willing to take care of it. That's a very good point. I know Mommy and Daddy include care instructions in each package. I read a copy once while I chewed on it, and I can tell you that the advice was both wise and tasty. So be sure when you order your ring to pay attention to it.

Ok. That's it for now. Time to take a nap...

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