Dear Floppy... I Accidentally Ordered The Wrong Size. Can Your Humans Help Me?

Michael from West Michigan emailed Mommy and Daddy yesterday with this dilemma. He ordered two rings, but he ordered the wrong size. Oops! When I heard about this I thought I should write about it. My humans can help! Here's what they can do based on the item you bought...

If You Bought A Ring

My humans can do a one-time exchange for a new size. Here's how it works:
  • Your ring cannot be a special order. They don't qualify for exchange.
  • You have to contact Mommy and Daddy right away. (Waiting two months won't work. Sorry 😢)
  • The ring needs to be in brand new condition. My humans will need to be able to resell it.
  • You'll need to return the ring to them. They ask that you send it to the address on the invoice that was in the package. Please use a box. Bubble mailers and other soft packaging won't provide enough protection.
  • My humans ask that you visit a local jeweler to get resized. Before you go, they have sizing advice that they ask you to read. You can find it HERE and HERE.
  • Once Mommy and Daddy have the ring back and once you give them your new size, they'll add you back into the production queue. The time to make your new ring will depend on the the production queue at that time.

If You Bought Ear Plugs

Ear plugs are a little different. They are deemed to be intimate body jewelry, and by law they cannot be resold. But all is not lost. In most cases my humans can offer you a big discount if you want to order a new size. Contact them for details.


Hopefully this sufficiently answers this important question. I'm gonna go run around the living room and chew on the carpet now in celebration of another high quality answer rabbit blog entry. 😉

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