Dear Floppy... How Long Do Rings From Art and Soule Last?

Hi everyone! I recently got this question from Abby in Columbus. And before her my humans got asked this very question from about 500 other people. So, I figured it was time to address it.

First things first - My humans work mainly with wood and resin. Those materials are softer than metal. Why do I mention metal? Cuz that's the go-to material for so much of the jewelry you humans wear. You're used to it. Wood and resin are different. Not better or worse. Just different.

The best way to address the question of longevity is with another question: How well are you willing to take care of it? Humans have been wearing jewelry made of wood almost since time began. Resin... not as long perhaps. But the same principles will apply to both. Basically, ask yourself, "Would what I'm about to do with my hands have the potential to damage the ring?" If the answer is yes or even maybe, slide it off and set it aside. You can beat on a metal ring, and while it might show the wear, it has a decent chance to survive the onslaught. With wood or resin, that beating could damage it. Some ideas I have off the top of my furry skull for when to take off the ring would include (but not be limited to)

  • Swimming (With wood rings - potential for damage from water and pool chemicals)
  • Rock Climbing
  • Operating heavy equipment
  • Walking the dog (The friction from a leash can cut right through soft materials in no time)
  • Playing with your pet rabbit (What can I say... we like to chew)

So, now you ask yourself, "Then why would I get a wood or resin ring?" Because there's nothing like them! The first time you slip on a wood ring is magical. Ultra light. Natural feel like nothing else. There's a warmth to it that's the complete opposite of cold metal. Resin rings are a different kind of magic. Super smooth and comfortable to wear. Color combinations and a pearlized effect that my humans are known for mean you get a standout ring that you can't get with any other material.

Ultimately your new wood or resin ring is meant to be something special. Like all special things, it just needs a little TLC. Give it that little extra thought, and your new wood or resin ring from Mommy and Daddy can last many years.

Floppy The Lop of the Shop

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