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Dear Floppy... Does Art and Soule Do Custom Work?

Custom Order
Garrett in Salt Lake City wrote me today and asked me this very question. My response was to sprint around the room really fast, hop straight up in the air about 15 inches, and then shout out YES!
The truth is my humans love, love, love custom work. They've always had the attitude that some of the best ideas come from customers. They started making sayas and knife stands because someone came to them and said, "Can you do this?" A few of their best selling jewelry designs were inspired by customer requests. This question actually hits close to home for me (literally) as I'm currently lobbying them to built 8-Bit and me a three story habitat to replace our current home 😊🤞
Mommy and Daddy have one simple rule when it comes to custom work... they'll be honest about your request. In other words, if they don't think they can do it then they'll tell you. If they think they can improve on your idea they'll tell you how. Bottom line is they'll communicate openly about any idea you have.
So, hit them up with your idea. My humans are good people, and they'll do their best to turn your idea into a wonderful work of art.

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