Dear Floppy... Do Your Humans Offer Engraving On Their Rings?

Amanda from Seattle wrote me last night and asked me about engraving on a couple of rings that Mommy and Daddy make. The most correct answer I could give her was "yes, definitely, maybe, sort of, yes." Let me explain...

My humans essentially work with two basic materials - wood and resin - and people often ask about getting an inscription on either material. I can understand that. It can make a piece of jewelry more personal and more meaningful. Me... I like to have my name inscribed on my toys. It's my warning to my friend 8-Bit to stay away (I'm not always a good sharer I'm afraid.)

Anyways, if you are looking at inscribing onto resin, the unfortunate answer is no. It can't be done. I asked Mommy and Daddy, and they said that it creates weak points in the resin that can cause fractures and breaks. They say it's not a good idea.

Basic Inscription Example

Om Symbol

Wood however... that's a different story. Sometimes. First, you need to know that Mommy and Daddy really don't "engrave" on wood. What my humans actually do is burn the characters into the wood by hand. You can see a couple of examples in the pics above. The plus side of this method is that it doesn't create weak points in the wood. The downside is that it doesn't really work on super dark woods (like Ebony for example.) So, they can inscribe a wooden ring most of the time but not all of the time. It depends on what ring you choose.

Now... How can you tell which ring can be inscribed? If you are shopping here at Art and Soule it's easy. If the ring is eligible for an inscription, the option will be displayed above the "Add to Cart" button. If you are shopping Mommy and Daddy's Etsy store or other outlet, then you need to message my humans and ask them about it (limitations on other sites don't allow for the option to be added to a listing.)

Hopefully this answers everyone's questions. If you need more help, email me!

I'm gonna go chew on some Timothy hay now. Until next time 😊

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